Textulator hidden iMessages automatically delete in two minutes after being revealed.
Enhance Privacy


Textulator is automatically built to prevent the recipient from screenshotting your hidden iMessages.
End to End Encrypted

True Private

Created to service lawyers, financial institutions, business executives, entrepreneurs, journalists, and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Textulator work?
Textulator is only available to iPhone and iPad users. The iMessage app allows you to send hidden iMessages that automatically delete in two minutes and can only be revealed once. The app includes encryption, biometric security, screenshot prevention, on demand device and iCloud data removal, and secure private iCloud database messaging. Textulator is the most private iMessage app available free through Test Flight. The app does not collect or harvest user data.

Is Textulator Beta free?
Yes, Textulator Beta is free to install from Test Flight. If you find problems with Textulator we ask if you would please contact us by sending beta feedback through the Test Flight app.

How do I set up iMessage on my iPhone?
To set up iMessage on your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and toggle iMessage on. You may need to enter your Apple ID and password to sign in. Once activated, your iPhone will automatically use iMessage to send and receive messages with other Apple devices.

Can I use Textulator on my Mac?
No, currently Textulator is not available on the Mac. In the future we plan to allow users to send hidden iMessages on Mac.

Can I send hidden iMessages to non-Apple devices using iMessage?
No, you can only send hidden iMessages to users with either an iPhone or iPad.

Is iMessage secure?
Yes, iMessage uses end-to-end encryption to protect your messages from being intercepted or read by third parties. However, it is important to note that the encryption only applies to iMessages sent between Apple devices; traditional SMS text messages are not encrypted.

Why should I download Textulator?
Textulator is the most secure and private iMessage app available. We believe in enhancing our users privacy, not displaying ads, no data collection, more control, and better iMessage security. Overall, we offer the most secure and private way to send iMessages.

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Textulator beta is available for free right now through Test Flight. What are you waiting for? Go download the app and start sending hidden iMessages!

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