Texulator is a secure cloud messaging app for the iPhone user who wants to send encrypted hidden messages via iMessage. To ensure user privacy Textulator offers a variety of message protection, including biometric security, auto-delete messaging, screenshot prevention, and end to end encryption. Also to ensure user privacy we do not create user accounts within the app. Users log into Textulator with their Apple ID to ensure we are not collecting or storing user data. Currently Textulator can only send encrypted hidden text messages. The option to send hidden encrypted files, photos, videos, and audio messages will be available in the next update.  Textulator is not a free messaging service and does not display ads; we require users to subscribe to the $2.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly plan to use the app. Though Textulator is not a free app we do offer a 7 day free trial to allow new users to try out the app free of charge.