Textulator is a private instant messaging application for the iPhone and iPad operating system. Our messaging app features end to end encryption, auto-delete messaging, screenshot prevention, biometric security, and secure iCloud messaging. With our app, users can send and receive hidden texts and photos discreetly through iMessage. Textulator can only be accessed through the iPhone or iPad messages app. The location of the app can not be found on the home screen. When a user sends a hidden message, the message is encrypted and decrypted when received by the intended recipient in the sender's private iCloud database. To send hidden photos and texts a user must purchase a monthly or annual subscription with their Apple ID. The app does not require a user to sign up or login with an email or phone number. Receiving hidden messages is free as long as the app is installed on the iPhone or iPad. After a message is revealed it can no longer be seen again and will automatically delete in two minutes from the device and the sender’s private iCloud database. All users have the ability to enable or disable biometric security. Once biometric security is enabled the app will not launch or reveal hidden messages without Touch or Face ID recognition. If the receiver attempts to screenshot the hidden message it will not display in the screenshot. Textulator does not collect or sell user data. The app is designed to ensure the contents of a hidden message are permanently expunged, once revealed by the intended recipient.